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Monday, October 27, 2014

another week of nailing it

62,369 steps last week!

Wasn't sure how it would go.  Spent 4 days in Wisconsin.  Dancing for 6 hours on Saturday night really boosted things. :-)

I noticed this morning whilst in the shower that my heels weren't hurting.  Is my plantar fasciitis getting better due to all the walking?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

One day in

Stats for Monday:

Steps: 9,267
Water: Guzzled it
Food: Not great. Ate out twice--lunch at Jimmy John's (was at a client, it is within walking distance); dinner at Don Pablo's (my fav place to eat alone, Mondays are usually my only evening "off" from the kids so I took advantage)

Overall, did well.

Tried refrigerator oatmeal. Supposed to be eaten cold. Nope. Going to try and warm it up a little. 

Finally gathered all the supplies to make the following:

frozen chicken burritos
soup in a jar
green salad with chicken and chili lime vingegarette

Plan is to put this stuff together tomorrow and get my kitchen in order.

Now it is MEA which means kids, outdoor fun and no structure! Can I survive? Stay tuned.... :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

michael bolton, we're gonna need you to focus up

Alright peeps.

Time to get focused and back to the mission.

This past year has seen me make great emotional strides and not as great physical strides.

My business is growing and (dare I say?) showing signs of great fruit.

My spiritual life is on track. Just last night I got an answer from God about something I had been pondering. Chose to listen and obey (before first disobeying and suffering the consequences)--that's a good change.

My therapist bitch slapped some sense into me this summer and I made a great leap forward in my emotional healing.

My physical self is in the worst shape it has ever been.

My habits are bad. My resolve is flimsy. My focus is scattered.

So, here is the plan for this week. Just for this week. No more sweeping, grand plans. One week of focus.

This week, I will:
1. Get 50,000 steps logged on my FitBit
2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day (bonus love for myself if I start the day off with tea instead of soda)
3. Eat the meals I have prepared for the week

Can I do it? Stay tuned!

(12,345 bonus points for you if you can identify the source of my subject line)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Pics from the annual Grand Canyon trip!

Selfie on the South Rim! I spent the afternoon on a ledge cheering on my group as well as strangers. :) Time well spent!
My traveling companions! Gary and his daughter Sara. We desperately tried to hit a Vegas buffet but who knew the lines would be over a two hour wait?!?!? We found a nice cafe and gorged on pizza!
Jimbo (second from left) and his buddies! Love these guys.
This dude is 67 years old!!!! He is so awesome.
 A beautiful rainbow welcomed our hikers to the end of the hike!