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Thursday, January 9, 2014

who's there?

Okay, I'm puzzled.  This blog has had 106 hits today.  Who is reading this?  Announce yourself!  :)

Seriously, I would love to know.  If I am somehow supporting you, I'd like to know.  And if you could somehow support me, I want you to! 

Don't be shy--post a comment and introduce yourself!


  1. Love your blog!! I have set goal for this year as well and I can really relate to a lot of your comments and feelings.


  2. Yay Chris! I wish I had a prize for the first responder! :) Do we know each other? How did you find this blog?

  3. Me!!! ;) I read when I can, not always the same day it posts though. I am a silent lurker for sure, but I never have much to say for comments. I am in a "weird" place right now and don't have any clear "healthful" goals at the moment, but I am enjoying reading about your journey :) I want to see you, on your deck, this summer! (or anywhere else, any other time)