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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

another year....

Yet another year has passed and my weight is the one thing that hasn't changed.  It is also the one thing I think about most often, the one that takes up the most space in my life and in my head.

This sh*t has to stop.

Last year, I proclaimed that my 35th year would be the best year ever, the year I got this issue straightened out!  What really happened this year?  I gained 10 pounds.  WTF.

A few months ago I went to a coaching workshop on Transformation.  I want a Transformation (yes, with a capital T!).  I took great notes and will look through them shortly on how to proceed from here.

Bottom line--I need these extra 60 pounds gone.  Gone.  For good.  I want to feel pretty, strong healthy.  I could name a hundred really great reasons to lose weight but only one is the game changer--I need to free up space in my head.  I need to shed pounds that are keeping me from grabbing life by the balls!  I want to be the best single mom to my kids, I want to be a hot lady who gets dates with the right kind of guys and I want to grow a successful coaching business.  I can do it, I know I can. 

So why haven't I?  Because I am lazy.  Because I am scared.  Because if I fail again, I'll never get back up. 

Enough.  This sh*t has to stop.

The year will officially begin on November 18, my 36th birthday. 

This blog will chronicle my progress.  My struggles.  My ultimate success.  I have no doubt that if I try, I can drop 60 pounds before I turn 37.  37!  Good Lord.  How did I get this old?

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